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The SOMWR 10 x Marignane PWA Grand Slam

I immediately start with the good news as I can inform you that I finally, after being very close over the past years , could lay my hands on the title :

2021 PWA Worldchampion Freestyle windsurfing

I could seal the deal on November 18th in Marignane, near Marseille in France.

Being already in Marignane 2 weeks ahead of the start of the event, to take some rest after the European IQFoil Championship and start training and prepare the freestyle gear I went confident into the competition and make the best of it as this would be the one and only PWA Freestyle-competition in 2021. Besides freestyle I also registered for the discipline slalom.

The SOMWR 10 x Marignane PWA Grand Slam, Presented by Greentech Festival is a ground-breaking multi discipline event that will bring the entire range of PWA athletes to the shores of Southern France for a contest that will not only showcase all 3 of the main competition disciplines but, for the first time, will generate a 10 x positive environmental impact, through the actions and philosophy of SOMWR.

Utilizing the excellent resources of Club Nautique Mariganais as well as the Cercle de Voile de Martigues at Carro, the wave, freestyle and slalom sailors will come together for a 10 day festival of natural powered action which will blow the lid of the pandemic and put windsurfing back in front of the worlds media. On November 12, registration was completed for all PWA Slalom-, Wave- and Freestyle-riders man and women. And…… and the waitinggame started.

The first 5 days, we only could start a few slalom-heats of which only 1 counted due to lack of of wind. Although everybody wanted action on the water, we managed to have a good time in and around the riderstent, playing “Jeu de Boule” on the beach and exchange the latest news regarding the different new gear.

On Day 6, the Freestylefleet had an early skippersmeeting in Carro. Carro is windsurfspot about 30 minutes from Marignane and the conditions looked like we finally could expect some action on the water.

At 9.35 competition was ON with 15-23 knots.

This heat was sailed 3 times as wind conditions in the first 2 heats were to light for a decent worldclass competition. I was very releaved and hoped the wind would be a bit stronger the next day. The windforecast promised again some suitable conditions on day 7, but one never knows what nature has in store for us.

A good night sleep and the focus in the right direction on day 7 of the

The SOMWR 10 x Marignane PWA Grand Slam.

The freestylefleet had again an early skippersmeeting in Carro, with the ladies starting the day in moderate conditions at 8.45. Via the PWA-website one could follow the live ticker and live-stream with Ben Proffitt behind the mic.

09:30 Next up will the be resail of Men's Heat 13b - Testa vs Vrieswijk

09:34 Vrieswijk off to a strong start here landing a ponch, kabikuchi, double culo and shaka 3. Testa started nicely with a shuvit spock, but has had three crashes since.

09:37 Testa finding his feet again now as he lands a stylish kabikuchi.

09:38 At the halfway stage it's still Vrieswijk ahead, but Testa is closing the gap.

09:40 Now just under two minutes separating them - going to be a good finish to this one!

09:42 End of Heat - Testa finishes with a no-handed flaka 3, but might have been after the buzzer. Let's see.

09:46 Result Men's Heat 13b - Vrieswijk advances

Very happy with the win ofcourse . Next opponent was nobody else than my good friend and 9 times worldchamp Freestyle Gollito Estredo from Venezuela. He can plane in ligthwind and with all my kilo’s it would be a hard battle.

The heat was started but also cancelled soon after as the wind was dropping but could resume a few minutes later. The heat duration was extended and I was able to fill my scoresheet and earn a spot in the final against Adrien Bosson from France.

With the pressure and tension through my “roof” I started the final , looking for the right gusts and maximize every move. It was a tactical battle and also one of patience with a prolonged heat time, but I did well . The buzzer made me realize that looking at the forecast for the remainder of the event that this could be it. Coming closer to the shore and hearing my friends cheer and wave I really got emotional . Did my dream come true ???

Video : Summary of day 7 by Aalvaamedia

Everybody said so but I was cautious . It’s over and done until the event is over, and at that moment we still had 3 more days to go. Anything could happen, over the past 5 years I already experienced that . But still releaved and happy I could win the single elimination.

With glassy water on Friday and the start of Saturday ( the penultimate day), the judges decided to run a Tow-in show for the audience. A pitty for all the slalom- and wave-riders coming all the way to France without any competition.

With the awardceremony planned at 3 pm I realized that the Worldtitle was mine. That was the moment that I could breath again and my phone was glowing red from all the messages and calls. A massive thanks to all for that !!

Congratulations to Adrien Bosson(2) and Yentel Caers(3)

Congratulations also to Lady Sarah-Quita Offringa winning the title again .

Awesome .... Caribbean Power and all other riders in the different disciplines who reached the podium.

Lupe Nelissen , me and Mommanager Nancy

With the end of the event one day ahead of schedule unfortunately my mom and manager arrived 1 hour late for the Prizegiving. Bummer, but awesome John Carter could take the time to make some pictures at the sunset.

Massive thanks to the organisers , PWA-crew, Aalvaamedia, Ben Proffitt and everybody who made this happen. Especially my family , friends and sponsors

Severne Windsurfing :

Future Fly Boards :

With spending 1 month on the Southcoast of France we packed and left for The Netherlands

Merci pour l'hospitalité!!

Time to let everthing sink in , celebrate my grandpa's 81st birthday , prepare gear for the winter-training and for all looking forward to go back home to Bonaire soon.

Next up : IQ Foil-training on Aruba with #TeamNL

That's it for 2021. Via this way I wish you all Happy Holidays and

a Windy, Healthy and Happy 2022.


Amado Vrieswijk


Worldchampion Freestyle 2021 ;)

Team Severne

Team Future Fly Boards

LSD Fins - Brunotti


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