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I was born and raised on Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean. The passion for windsurfing started when I was 7 years old and saw the 2002 King of the Caribbean-event on Bonaire. My home-island has the perfect location at Sorobon to learn slalom- and freestyle-windsurfing fast.

After my parents rented me a board I was gone with the wind and ever since... enjoying every minute on the water wherever on the globe that may be. I competed in IFCA slalom and Prokids- freestyle events over the years and entered the PWA in 2011.

In 2015 I finished school in “Sports and Movements” and now I can focus myself completely on my windsurf-career. Freestyle is my main-discipline, but I also love the speed in slalom-racing, foiling and the waves.

I love to sail a bit radical.. the higher the jumps the better. Besides practicing the sport I am also interested in the development of the equipment. My sport gives me the opportunity to travel to places and meet people/friends with the same passion.

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